The worst of American Idol

There have been some real trippers on American Idol over the years, none more so than young Keith Beukelaer ( the singer from hell ). Poor little Keith baby sung his heart out but unfortunately just couldn’t impress the judges, even with his sexy movements. The first time I saw this video I fell in love with young Keith, what a dude.

The cool thing about young Keith is that he didn’t let this horrific performance dampen his ambitions and he actually did singing lessons and returned to American Idol some 10 years later and nailed it. I think the judges were really impressed, I certainly was. Anyway feast your optic nerve on the video below as Little Keithy sings his heart out.

Okay, if you think young Keith was bad just wait till you see this next dude. You can skip the start and go straight to the audition. This guys name is Steven Thoen and man is he good. How he gets those high notes is beyond me. Man I would love to spend some time with this cat, he seems like a really fun guy. Brace yourself, you’re in for one heck of a treat…..

It’s kinda hard to beat Steven’s performance but this next cat is even weirder. I thought that us Aussies were a weird race but the good old septic tanks take the cake. This next dudes name is Onkar Judge and man is he off the planet. Words cant describe this cat, you have to see the video to get the full extent of this dudes insanity.

Here’s another one for the books, next up we have young Mary roach who wants to change her name to Mary Gilbeaux when she becomes famous as it sounds so much nicer than “Roach”. Unfortunately the audition doesn’t go as planned and young Mary throws a Wobbly and all hell breaks loose.

The next little lady to audition for American Idol is also a horrific singer but she is also a real little sweety. It’s really great that Simon and the rest of the judges were very kind to her and didn’t just hammer her like they did to the other trippers above. Have a look at the little lady and see what you think.

Just when you thought you’d seen the worst of American Idol another legend appears. This time it’s a young punk named Derek Stillings who raises the bar and introduces a whole new level of madness to the show. I though that only Australia was full of crazy people but the more I search the Idol files the more I realise just how many crazy folks are in the USA.

Sit back, crank up the volume and have a laugh at Derek as he taunts the judges with his amazing dynamic range and charisma.

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