The best of Aussie Beer Guts

We’re on the search for the best beer gut in Australia, there’s plenty out there but if you think that you or someone you know has a ripper then let us know. The humble beer gut is well know around Australia and it requires regular workouts to maintain it’s beauty.

An average day in the life of a pro belly builder includes disciplined sleep ins, lots of Bacon and egg breakfasts and a lot of relaxation. Too much movement throughout the day could cause the belly to diminish over time so a great deal of dedication is required to achieve the desired look.

If you’re into beer belly spotting then try haunting some of the local hot spots such as the entrance to Elizabeth, Parabanks or Munno Parra shopping centres. Best times for sightings are usually after midday most days and early evening. The beer gut species can often be identified by the the distinct odour, blue singlet or flannelette shirt, stubbies and thongs.

Some of the more advanced specimens are now sporting gophers as they find that the gut takes shape faster with the more restricted movement workout. Often you will hear them coming as they hurl abuse at anyone in the way and often you will hear the fizz as they loosen the top on their 2 litre bottle of Coke.

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