Busted my Pluggers mate

No doubt every Aussie has heard the interview with James Ross-Munro and Kane Wiblen the two aussie legends who foiled an attempted robbery by stealing the thieves car keys. They were on their way to home from the local boozer after attending a “Stubbies and Singlets” party when they came upon a robbery in progress.

In typical aussie fashion the pair ran over to the car, removed the keys and stuffed up the entire get away plan of the “would be” thieves. The biggest bummer of the night was when James Boy attempted to jump a sign and broke his Plugger. As all true Aussies know there is nothing that darkens the mood more than a blown out thong, especially when you’re all dolled up in your stubbies and singlet and on your way out for a big night.

Anyway take a look at the following video and you also might want to have a peek at Jame’s fishing club page – Mootdanga Fishing Club.

If you bust your plugger then take a look at the video below:

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